About us

Rimato Enterprises

Sri Lankan startup that encourages and supports the local community in the production of decorative house-hold commodities by enhancing and utilizing raw Sri Lankan talent and capabilities to bring about a positive change socially and economically in the local context.

Utilizing refined hand work and ornamentation techniques while integrating innovative formulation methods through exclusive research and development, we supply our range of products whilst preserving the finest quality.

We combine our rich technical expertise in decorative house-hold commodity manufacturing and product development with an ability to create unique and exceptional product and service offerings to cater to our consumers’ expectations whilst continuously innovating our product range throughout.

Rimato Enterprises also provide unique and attractive event candle lighting solutions together with premium Candleluck Candles, custom-designed to suit your décor while creating the atmosphere you desire for your event. Handmade in Sri Lanka, our candles come in a wide range of shapes, sizes and colors to match any design aesthetic.


To be Sri Lanka's leading social enterprise in sustainable lean manufacturing


To continuously innovate and cater our product and service offerings to fulfill the requirements of both consumers and the local community.

  • About Us

    An innovative social enterprise that aims to integrate its business operations together with social objectives to deliver optimum commercial strategies through sustainable and quality driven decorative house-hold commodity manufacturing.